A&E Clothing is a for-profit company that collects unwanted clothing and other items and resellls them in the U.S. and to other developing countries. By providing such services to non-profit and profit organizations we create jobs for people in the U.S. and abroad helping local communities and economies in emerging countries as well as helping our country become greener cleaner place.

We were first known as American Used Clothing Corporation which was established in 1996. In 2006 A&E Clothing Corporation arose from American Used Clothing Corporation. Over time we have developed into a medium sized company that works hard to satisfy suppliers as well as customers.

Our mission consists of providing a good quality of new or used clothing to developing countries. We would like to provide you with the best customer services, in doing so we are able to commit and schedule shipments and pickups in a timely manner.


Our Company Localization
600 Federal Blvd,
Carteret, New Jersey, 07008

Phone: (732) 802-8100
Fax: (732) 396-9277
Website: http://www.aeclothing.net
Email: info@aeclothing.net