Wholesale Women Jeans Grade 1 on Sale!

Wholesale Women Jeans Grade 1 on Sale!

Start the New Year together with A&E Clothing! We have prepared a special offer for our customers on Used Wholesale Women Jeans!
Our products are good quality, clean womens jeans with no flaws or tears! Call us now & order your shipment before the offer is gone!

Wholesale Women's Jeans & Denim

A&E Clothing is a reliable supplier for second hand stores and thrift shop owners around the world. We carefully inspect every item to be sure that our grade 1 jeans are of decent quality and will boost your sales too. Every bag includes variety of brand names like Calvin Klein Jeans, Aeropostale, Levi Strauss, American Eagle, GAP, DKNY, Abercrombie & Fitch. To please all demands, we mix the colors in each bag with the dominance of blue denim.

We do not include big sizes unless you want us to. This means you won’t end up with stock full of unsellable items. Every bag contains only regular sizes from Small to Extra Large.

We pack women jeans in conveniently pressed 100 lbs bags that protect clothes during transport. If you don’t want to order a full container of jeans, explore the full range of our used clothes!

Feel free to contact us or call 732 802 8100 for pricing and freight quotes!

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Wholesale Used Women Jeans Bales

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