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Premium Used Clothes

A&E Clothing offers a high-quality grade of used clothes. Our premium clothes represent the finest items processed in our facilities. They are collected in the wealthiest areas of New York, New Jersey, and Maryland through charitable donations.

The premium category clothes are delivered in excellent and very good condition, free from flaws or visible wear, and conveniently packed in bags weighing up to 55 lbs (25 kg).

Product info
Finest items of processed clothing
Excellent and very good condition
No flaws
No visible wear
Packed in bags weighing up to 55 lbs/25 kg
1 bag contains up to 55 lb of single category items
Each bag is a mix of colors and sizes (S-XL)
Shipping to any destination in the world
Help with exporters inspection
40 feet container contains up to 40,000 lb of clothes
20 feet container contains up to 17,000 lb of clothes
Smaller orders can be shipped using courier services to US destinations
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